About Us

At heart, we believe the basic thing all Christian churches believe: Jesus is Lord. If there are things we don’t agree on, we do agree, at least, that Jesus is Lord of all that is, and that we find life by trusting in and following him.

Because we believe Jesus is Lord, we affirm other things as well:

  • We believe we’re all sinners––imperfect people––who live and are saved entirely by grace. God loves us unconditionally, forgiving us not because we deserve it, but because the grace of God given in Christ is greater than anything in our past, present or future. As Protestants, this is what we mean in saying we are justified (made right before God) by grace and not by works.

  • We believe that the Bible matters a lot. The Bible reveals who God is, especially in the way the Bible gives witness to Jesus Christ. The Bible leads us into what God loves, and shows us what the world will be because of Jesus’ living, dying and rising. We believe that reading the Bible is important, but also humbling. After all, the point of the Bible isn’t just to know its words, but to live its Word, and that involves everything about us.

  • We think that community is one of God’s greatest gifts. The Spirit draws people together in the church to worship God, to share life’s joys and burdens, and to help each other grow into Jesus’ likeness. Because, as we’ve said, the church is made of imperfect people, there are challenges to living in community. Still, we think living by grace with others is better than doing life on your own.

  • We believe God transforms people, and transforms the world through people. This means we take seriously that new life in Christ and the “work of the church” happen in our regular lives. “Faith” and “life” aren’t just connected––they are actually one and the same. We look for ways to serve our community, region and world, living as Jesus’ followers in organized ways and in the daily things of life.

We are a Presbyterian Church. This means we share most beliefs in common with all parts of the Church, such as those expressed in historic Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds. As a church of the Reformed branch of the Protestant Reformation we are guided by confessions from that era, such as those found in the Book of Confessions  of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Our governance reflects belief that we hear God best and decide most wisely when we discern in groups rather than as individuals. If you are interested in discussing theology in more particular detail, Pastor Reeves is glad to talk with you further.

In all things, we seek to live out the commands Jesus called the greatest, that we love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, and that we love our neighbor as ourselves. We do this because we believe God has loved us first in Jesus, which means that God has loved you. We would be glad for you to be part of this church’s life as God grows us all up into disciples of Jesus Christ.