What is the Presbytery?

The Presbytery is a system of church government by ministers and elders, which was established in Scotland after the Reformation. The Presbytery of the Western Reserve serves fifty congregations, two new church developments, and over 14,300 members in northeastern Ohio. Bordered by Lake Erie on the north coast, the Presbytery includes the greater Cleveland metropolitan area, Lorain, Ashtabula, small town and rural communities.   
What is the session?
The session is the governing body at the local level of the church. The session is made up of the pastor of the church and all elders elected and installed to active service. Elders are nominated by a nominating committee of the congregation. Elders are then elected by the congregation. Session meetings are moderated by a called and installed pastor and minutes are recorded by the elected clerk. This body takes care of the guidance and direction of the ministry of the local church, including almost all responsibilities of spiritual and fiduciary leadership.
What is confirmation?
Confirmation occurs when youth confirm their own personal faith in response to their prior baptism.
Who can take communion?
Any adult who professes a faith in Jesus Christ and any baptized child under the guidance of parents may take communion.
Can I baptize my baby at CPC?
Usually, baptism of infants is done when one or both parents are members of CPC. On some occasions baptism might be arranged when a parent is an active member of another Christian church.
How can I become a member of CPC?
You may become a member of CPC in one of three ways:
  1. Profession of Faith: For those who are making a first-time profession of faith. Sometimes this would be accompanied by a first-time baptism.
  2. Reaffirmation of Faith: For those who are known to be, or have been, members of another church, but for some reason records are lost, or transfers are not granted.
  3. Letter of Transfer: For those who are on the active or inactive rolls of another Presbyterian or other Christian church to which we can communicate and request a transfer of membership.