Meet our staff and learn about our leaders: Session and Deacons.



Elizabeth Goodin
Children's Ministries Director

Elizabeth has a strong background in children's and family ministry. She was previously employed as Director of Christian Education at Solon Community Church. She is currently taking classes in Biblical studies and also teaches piano lessons privately. Elizabeth and her husband, Mark, have four children.

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Rev. Dr. Matthew Reeves
Pastor and Head of Staff
Elizabeth Goodin
Children's Ministries Director
Pegi Dickson
Office Manager and Interim Web Administrator
Joshua Chenoweth
Choir Director
Susan Congdon



The governing body of the church is the session, which is made up of elders chosen by the people. Together with the pastors, the elders encourage the congregation in their worship and service of God and equip them for tasks within the church.

The duties of deacons are sympathy, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ. Deacons demonstrate care for the sick and the needy, ministering to their spiritual needs as well as providing tangible assistance, such as home-cooked meals during convalescence or bereavement. They also undertake service projects to provide needed items to designated charitable organizations.

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