• In Northeast Ohio, we support Pilots for Christ, International.  This group is composed of pilots and their supporters who help people needing transportation from their homes to hospitals or for families to visit their sick relatives.
  • We help support Tres Dias in this area.
  • We support the Good News Prison Ministry of Pastor Harry at the Geauga County Jail.  Helping inmates and their families, especially around the Holidays, is very fulfilling.
  • We support Bok and Heidi Chew of InterVarsity.  They work with international students attending both Case Western Reserve and Cleveland State Universities.  Children in Vacation Bible School especially have enjoyed meeting the Chews. 
  • We have helped with AFS in Northeastern Ohio.  We have served as a gathering place for these high school students before they traveled to New York and back to their own homes.  Several members of our church helped feed and entertain these students.
  • Our Food Pantry committee collects and stores food and paper supplies for needy families in Geauga County. Our pantry volunteers meet with clients and provide goods to help our neighbors through a difficult period. Volunteers can help with paperwork and organizing supplies. Click here for more information on the Food Pantyr: https://www.christpcusa.org/foodpantry.cfm